Summer Programs at The Frances Xavier Warde School

“Welcome to the pack!”

– Jiggy The Jaguar

You don’t have to be a FXW student to be part of a summer of fun!

All of our camps are open to the public, pre-k through 8th grade in Chicago, IL.

Sign up for the whole summer or just a week!


Morning arrival takes place at FXW’s Old St. Patrick’s Campus on a staggered schedule starting at 8:30am with activities scheduled to begin at 9am. As soon as campers arrive, they’re met by a friendly member of our staff, or one of our Counselors-in-Training, who takes them to their applicable camp session home for the week in Jiggy the Jaguar’s Jungle.

A pack is a close-knit group of 10-12 campers and 2 counselors who navigate the day as a unit. The pack attend swimming together, eat lunch picnic-style, convene as a team during camp-wide competitions, and more. No matter where the day’s excitement may take them, campers can always return to the familiar faces of their pack.

While younger campers (entering PK- 2nd grade) stay grouped with their pack throughout the day and follow their age-appropriate schedule, older campers (entering 3rd-7th grade) get to choose the activities they enjoy most by customizing their day.

Our Elective Program introduces a co-ed environment where campers can specialize in activities that they enjoy most as well as meet other campers based on their common interests.

Whether your child wants to be part of a team that makes it to the Sports League finals, paint like Picasso or become a master chef at cooking, the choice is theirs.

They have opportunities to venture out into different configurations to attend specialized Enrichment Courses. Our most senior campers (entering 8th-9th grade) are given the option to join a pack as a Counselor-in-Training. Click on the tabs below to learn more about each of these programs

Campers are asked to bring a sack lunch from home that, weather permitting, they eat outside along with the rest of their pack.

Snacks will be provided throughout the day

Camp-Wide Events
Some of the most unforgettable camp experiences happen when counselors, campers, staff, and CITs all gather in one place. It’s in these moments that the spirit of FXW’s Camp Jaguar is most deeply felt, so we make sure to work in lots of opportunities to come together. From talent shows to pack wars to special performances of all kinds, each day at FXW’s Camp Jaguar is full of excitement, tradition, and more than a few surprises!

At the end of the day, caretakers can pick up their campers right where they dropped them off, in front of the FXW’s Old St. Patrick’s School location. For those who don’t want the fun to end, we also offer an extended day program until 6 pm. Click on the After Camp Care tab below to learn more.

FXW’s Camp Jaguar is a fantastic opportunity for your Pre-K through Grade 7 child to build life skills, make friends, learn social skills, and gain confidence that can last a lifetime.

Through our age-appropriate activities and games, we encourage active participation all while having fun. If it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing!

With every day comes a new adventure packed with new experiences. Whether it’s making elephant toothpaste during Zany Science, playing sports, or cooling down as campers have 5-day-a-week access to a fully supervised swimming pool, this will be an unforgettable summer experience for your child.

Your child will be met at each activity by one of our specialists. Each of these educators have specialized in one of our activities and will take charge of that alone. We believe this provides your child with a more unique and structured experience, and it is our hope that they get the most out of each day.

Our experienced summer staff have a passion and enthusiasm for working with young people. Made up of group counselors, division heads, and specialists, our team is in place to provide maximum support for every camper to succeed. We also want to give parents peace of mind by allowing face to face daily updates from division heads.

To us, summer camp is a continuation of your child’s education, and we have structured Camp Jaguar to be a fun environment to learn lasting life skills and build new friendships.

This program provides a stimulating learning environment for students entering 1st through 8th grade. Programs are taught by experienced FXW teachers and include a wide range of offerings from extension learning, athletics, and STEAM.

This 4-week camp is for athletes that are rising 5th-8th graders that want to put in the work to become the best versions of themselves!  This camp will develop speed, strength, conditioning, basketball skill, mental resilience, teamwork, and as a result, CONFIDENCE.  Athlete assessment, goal setting, and individualized progression will be done to ensure maximal development.  A growth mindset and an understanding of the process will be instilled into all athletes as they learn what it takes to become an elite athlete.  The camp is run by Coach Erick Vigansky, MSc, CSCS, who has an extensive educational & experiential background in athletic development from the youth through the pros both in Europe and the USA (for more info, click here).

Our Counselor in Training (CIT) program provides the oldest Camp Jaguar attendees with an opportunity to gain leadership skills under the direct supervision of senior counselors and a division head.

CITs are assigned to a pack for the summer and assist campers with their daily activities.  It’s a great way for kids to gain hands on childcare experience while being under the guidance of our more experienced staff.

We expect our CIT’s to be active participants and fully engaged throughout the day and provide substantial support with regular check-ins and a continuous feedback loop.

This ensures that they feel comfortable and capable as they refine the skills needed to navigate a wide range of situations involving young children.

For families who need extra time before picking up their campers, an after-camp option is available for Camp Jaguar until 6 p.m. Our After Camp program involves a mixture of semi-structured activities that allow campers to unwind after a full day of action. Families are welcome to sign up for After Camp during registration, or on an as-needed basis.

What Makes Us Special?

Here at FXW, we believe in offering a little something for everyone to join in the fun. When you look through our camp catalog you’ll see we didn’t want any summer essentials to be missed. That’s why we build every camper’s schedule around favorites like water play, gaga, sports, arts & crafts, and more. Cool down while swimming or just dip your toes during our daily supervised swim time at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness. Stretch your legs learning a new game on FXW’s green space, or more.

In addition to these classic offerings, we offer opportunities for young and older campers alike to learn new skills or advance existing ones in our Jaguar Geniuses program. Scattered throughout the summer, these engaging sessions are run by our own wonderful teachers. Each course is carefully selected and designed by our masterful educators with a fun-first mindset. Whether you want to be the next Jane Campion in our film making camp, be the next Michael Jordan in our Athletes On The Rise camp, or just brush up on your math skills for the next year, there is something for everyone.

We believe this combination of traditional summer activities and engaging enrichment programs makes us stand out from other offerings. Each day is designed to be fun and inspirational, allowing each child to explore and grow as an individual and with their newfound friends.

Summer Programs Director

Tom Burke


At a glance

Programs available for children ages 4-14 

Open to FXW and non-FXW students

Six One-Week sessions from June 20 to July 29 (excluding July 4)

Camp Schedule

Drop off 8:30 am

Full day 9am – 3pm

After Camp 3pm – 6pm

Please check our catalog for more scheduling details

Summer 2022 Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we welcome all children to attend any of our summer programs, regardless of whether they attend FXW for school.

Our online registration system is now open.

In order to enroll, you’ll need to create an account with Camp-Brain (click this link or the button on the right-hand side called “Register for Camp”).

We fill spots on a first come first served basis.

If a session does fill up, please don’t hesitate to join the waitlist. We try to accommodate everyone, even if you don’t get in on the first try.

The prices for the FXW Summer Camp 2022 season will be:

  • Camp Jaguar: $550/week for campers ($385 the week of July 4th)
  • Jaguar Geniuses: Specific prices vary and can be seen in our online catalog
  • Athletes on the Rise: $2500 for Six Weeks
  • After Camp: $35/day

Registrations canceled before Sunday May 13 will be eligible for a full refund minus a $200 cancellation fee.

Registrations canceled after Sunday May 13 will not receive a refund.

Yes, there will be daily swim held at Lakeshore Fitness Center. This pool is 4 feet deep, and this will be heavily supervised with staff in the water playing and assisting will all levels. We encourage all campers to bring floaties and anything else that will help make them feel comfortable in the water. All campers will be assessed on their first day to judge what level of swimmer they are.

FXW summer camp will adhere to the FXW Covid-19 guidelines.

Policies will continue to be updated as summer approaches.

Please visit this page for more information.

Students are asked to bring a packed lunch from home, but snacks are provided.

All parents/guardians are responsible for their child’s medical insurance and medical bills.