Academic Technology

The Frances Xavier Warde School integrates technology resources in relevant and meaningful ways to help students expand and apply their knowledge. Faculty and students work together to answer big questions, try out new ideas, test and verify hypotheses, produce original and creative work, and demonstrate concept mastery. Our devices are used in a hybrid environment to provide a foundation that allows students to choose the appropriate tools to accomplish a task or create original work.  Supported by technology, our classrooms and lessons engage and inspire students while preparing them to be creative and critical thinkers.

Kindergarten—2nd Grade

Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students use technology in developmentally appropriate ways to expand and demonstrate their understanding of new concepts. The classrooms follow a 1:1 shared iPad model, allowing students to collaborate and extend their experiences through various tablet applications. Students use integrated learning systems in the form of applications, such as ST Math for math and Lexia for language arts as both remediation and extension activities to meet individual student needs. Students also participate in a digital citizenship curricular component that is interwoven throughout each year.

3rd—4th Grade

In our third and fourth grade classrooms 1:1 access to a classroom iPad gives students a powerful tool for writing, drawing and project creation. Teachers and students work to create, save, collaborate, revise, and share their projects. Whole class discussions continue to focus on safe and appropriate use in addition to intentional use.

5th Grade

As part of our 1:1 iPad program, fifth graders create videos, presentations, and written work. Students are encouraged to demonstrate their learning and mastery of concepts and ideas using a hybrid approach that allows them to use the iPad and its Apps as one of many options. At this stage, we help students in navigating online communication with their peers and teachers. We emphasize the importance of being kind and empathetic to classmates both in face-to-face interactions and in the digital realm, and working on intentional use of technology to achieve learning goals.

6th—8th Grades

Our Middle School students use the Microsoft Surface as a tool in all curricular areas. Students are encouraged to use the device when it meets the needs and learning objectives of their classes or for them individually. More of their workflow occurs on the devices during these junior high years, but continued emphasis is placed on hybrid and intentional use. Navigating relationships both on and offline becomes an additional part of our safe and responsible use conversations.