5th Grade Teacher

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The Frances Xavier Warde School is a Catholic elementary school in downtown Chicago that provides an excellent academic, values-oriented education to students of all ethnic, religious, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds in a child-centered urban environment. As a keystone of its diverse community, The Frances

Xavier Warde School provides need-based scholarships to thirty percent of its students. The Frances Xavier Warde School partners with its families, nurtures faith development for its Catholic students, and engages all its students to learn about and respect other faith traditions. The Frances Xavier Warde School uses a rigorous curriculum that enables students to grow, clarify their values, and develop decision-making skills and a sense of responsibility for themselves and the world they will inherit.

Intermediate Program Description

At the Frances Xavier Warde School, the Intermediate Grades 4-5 bridge the Intermediate Years and Middle School experiences. With teacher guidance, students explore content area subjects while developinga repertoire of study skills and strategies. Teachers focus on curriculum integration in the humanities, math and science, and world language. Through projects and experiments, structured units of study, and purposeful use of technology, students build their academic vocabulary as they broaden their knowledge. During the intermediate years, students are given greater opportunities for extra-curricular activities in the areas of sports, drama, music and art. These opportunities,coupled with a rigorous curriculum, help to foster increased independence in students as they progress toward Middle School.

Primary Professional Function

The Grade 4-5 teacher is responsible for facilitating the cognitive development of all learners by providinga quality learning experience to all children in his/her care. The teacher must possess the knowledge and theoretical grounding necessary to instruct the “intermediate years student, utilizing age-appropriate methods, strategies and procedures.

Kev Relationships

The Intermediate Years Teacher reports to the Principal and is evaluated, supervised and mentored by the Principal and or Assistant Principal. Other key relationship include: Head of School, other FXW faculty members and staff, students and parents.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Required Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education
  • Preferred Master’s Degree in Teaching or Curriculum
  • Required current State of Illinois Teaching Certificate Type 03/Type 09
  • Compliance with Archdiocese of Chicago Protecting God’s Children guidelines
  • TB test
  • Familiarity with ISACS criteria and standards of excellence
  • Ability to plan and teach effectively within a complex teaching schedule
  • Ability to teach courses within a Religion Curriculum – either Catholic or Interfaith in subject matter
  • Ability to lead a Club and/or Extra-Curricular Activity of interest to Intermediate school students (e.g. yearbook, a sport, an academic team, etc.)

What Makes an FXW Teacher Competent and Effective

Educators are hired with the expectation that they possess the necessary knowledge, teaching skills, character, and commitment to be productive members of the FXW community. The following is a list of descriptors:

  • Adheres to the unique Catholic mission and interfaith values of FXW School
    • Articulates a working knowledge of FXW’s value-centered mission and academically rigorous curricular goals
    • Participates in spiritual development activities of the FXW community, including support for student community service projects and initiatives
    • Models the importance of daily prayer and worship through active participation with students
    • Demonstrates a willingness to plan, encourage and participate in community building activities (religious, social and educational)
  • Utilizes effective instructional strategies with students
    • Demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of subject matter
    • Understands interrelationships of content areas
    • Regularly utilizes formative and summative assessment to guide instruction
    • Employs technology effectively to enhance teaching
    • Presents lessons and instructions in multiple modalities to address students’ various learning styles and abilities
    • Encourages students to become aware of social issues and current events appropriate to their level of understanding
  • Creates and manages the classroom in a positive manner, respecting the dignity of all
    • Respects the rights of students as individuals

a    Utilizes positive reinforcement strategies

  • Creates a classroom that is visually stimulating, orderly and safe a
  • Mentors students effectively and professionally
  • Completes annual goals and seeks professional development opportunities

a    Demonstrates a sense of professional responsibility by keeping current with recent practice and research in education

a    Collaborates and works with administration to further yearly goals

  • Maintains a positive rapport with all members of the FXW community
  • Accepts feedback and works to show improvement

a    Respects the integrity of fellow staff, students and parents by being discreet and tactful when discussing student and school-related issues

a    Demonstrates flexibility and models collegiality

  • Fulfills routine duties and expectations in a dependable manner
  • Demonstrates evidence of prior planning and preparation

a    Creates lesson plans with clear student-centered objectives, incorporating the principles of backward design, as well as the use of formative and summative assessments

a    Uses instructional time efficiently

a    Evaluates student progress effectively

a    Utilizes correct and appropriate written and oral communication in conversations, reports and meetings

  • Is punctual and effective in supervisory duties such as music rehearsal supervision, morning supervision, lunch supervision, after- school supervision (e.g. study or homework club), and curb or bus duty
  • Willingly uses and integrates technology into the classroom
  • Maintains an up-to-date Gradebook, Teacher Website and Lesson Plans
    • Articulates concepts and writes narrative reports In a timely, professional, and grammatically correct manner

a    Effectively leads parent/student/teacher conferences on a bi-annual basis o

  • Actively participates in weekly grade level curriculum meetings
  • Fulfills additional coverage duties as asked by Administration

Teacher Evaluation Program


The teacher evaluation program is an ongoing process designed to recognize and encourage the work of a teacher. The process will provide an ongoing opportunity for professional growth and renewal, to recognize strengths and to provide an open climate for new ideas. The overall goals of the evaluation plan are to positively enhance FXWs instructional program as well as support the teacher’s professional growth. This process will challenge the teacher to build on talents; to recognize and reflect upon present practices; to articulate and reflect on difficulties and to seek solutions. The success of the program is predicated on the following conditions: conscientious self-evaluation, mutual respect and trust, and confidentiality between teacher and supervisor.

Three part process:

  1. Goal setting is an integral part of professional growth. The setting of goals every year provides the teacher and evaluator an opportunity to focus together on areas of professional growth. An evaluator may identify a goal for a teacher based on previous year’s evaluation feedback. By the end of October, the teacher and evaluator will meet to discuss the goals. The established goals may be modified or continued at any time throughout the process by mutual agreement. In the absence of mutual agreement, the goals may be established, modified or continued at the discretion of the evaluator. There will be additional meetings to review the status of the goals throughout the year.
  2. Additionally, teachers will be informally and formally observed and evaluated each year. Informal observations can include classroom visits and observations of the teacher in outside-the-classroom situations. A formal observation will include a pre-observation conference, an observation, and a post­ observation conference and a teacher reflection. These will be completed by a mutually agreed upon date. Additional observations with follow-up may occur at the request of the teacher or the prerogative of the evaluator.
  3. A performance review is a summative evaluation of the teacher’s performance as evidenced by formal and informal classroom observation and goal setting. By design, it includes feedback on the areas of teacher competencies and effectiveness listed above. Areas of noted deficiency may be remediated by enacting a Plan of Intensive Assistance and the appropriate measures of further administrative review will take place.

Evidence/Artifacts to support these expectations:

  • Adheres to the mission and values of F>CN School
    • Involvement in charity drives as well as attendance and active participation in worship services’
    • Active involvement in professional development days
  • Utilizes effective instructional strategies with students
    • Lesson Planning
    • Outreach to other resources
    • Parent contacts
    • Informal/formal observations
    • Assessments analysis
    • Participation in grade-level meetings
  • Creates and manages the classroom in a positive manner respecting the dignity of all
    • Community building activities
    • Parent contacts
    • Selection of students to participate
    • Classroom environment
  • Completes annual goals and seek professional development opportunities
    • Participates in teacher evaluation process
    • Shows evidence on achieving annual goals
    • Is open to feedback and open to make changes
  • Maintains a positive rapport with all members of the FXW community
    • Participates in extracurriculars, events, tutoring, services
    • Attitude and participation on staff days and in meetings
    • Participates in social opportunities
    • Flexible with changes to schedules
  • Fulfills routine duties and expectations in a dependable manner
    • Duties show up and enthusiastic and present
    • Narratives due on time and well written
    • Biogs, assessments, and feedback to parents is ongoing and updated in timely manner

This job description is not intended to be an exhausted list of qualifications, skills, efforts, duties, responsibilities or working conditions associated with the position.

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