Faith Experience

As an independent Catholic School, FXW is always paving the way in how we approach teaching religion. We are a community of faith that welcomes and embraces all faith traditions. Our dual track religion program – Moonbeams for Catholic families and Shooting Stars for our interfaith families—is designed so all of our students experience and gain an understanding of world religions.

FXW’s unique program encourages: 

  • Partnering with families to enrich the understanding and appreciation of their child’s faith and spirituality 
  • Developing respect and understanding of world religions 
  • Establishing a foundation for service work that is an expression of faith in action 

In Preschool and Kindergarten, the experience of faith is rooted in the student’s imagination and filled with stories of awe and wonder of God. In first through eighth grade, students participate in either a Catholic religion class (Moonbeams) or an interfaith religion class (Shooting Stars).  Both curricula mirror one another.  Throughout the year, children participate in ecumenical prayer services and masses as an expression of their faith experience.  As an intentionally inclusive community, FXW School values the opportunity for interfaith dialogue, which involves listening, learning and asking questions to deepen our students’ understanding of world religions. The celebration of Catholic holy days and sacramental preparation are part of the Catholic religion program.

“By the time they get to Middle School, our students know they can ask questions and express opinions—that’s our curriculum. When I teach Catholic doctrine, my students can openly and confidently question and grapple with it.  disagree. That was way different from my Catholic education! When I teach my interfaith students, I learn from them as well. And, that’s wonderful.”  – Dennis Bentley, former 7th & 8th grade Religion and Social Studies teacher