Extended Day

FXW’s Extended Day Program is designed to provide students from preschool through 8th grade with a safe and stimulating environment in which to learn, play, join clubs and try new things. Our commitment to each child’s complete well-being is fulfilled when their mind, body and spirit work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect. 

The FXW Extended Day Program for students at our Holy Name Cathedral campus promotes each student’s the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical well-being. We provide a safe and relaxed environment where our Grade 4-8 students can complete homework, create, explore, and solve problems together in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

We provide students with:

  • Supervision
  • Homework Help
  • Recreation

Students in the first session (3:15 p.m.-4:45 p.m.) start off with a healthy snack before starting their homework. During this time, students complete assignments in a quiet, supervised classroom with support from teachers. Those without homework are encouraged to read a book or study for an upcoming assessment. At 4:15 p.m. students can continue to study or play board or computer games and socialize.

Students who stay on for the Second Session (4:45 p.m.-6:15 p.m.) can choose to spend time in either the Quiet Room homework to study or read quietly; or, in the Recreation Room to play basketball, volleyball, ping pong, dodge ball or another engaging physical activity.

Right at School — Grades PreK-8 

The Frances Xavier Warde School partners with the nationally recognized after-school enrichment provider Right at School to provide after-school opportunities for our Preschool to Grade 8 students at OSP and HNC campuses. Through Right at School, our students have the opportunity to engage in multi-sensory, multi-intelligence activities, including math and science, reading and writing, nature and outdoor learning, creative and performing arts, composition and design, history and commerce, fitness and conditioning, and community service learning. 

For more information about Right at School and to register for their program:

  1. Click here for your PreK – 3rd grader
  2. Click here and for your 4th – 8th grader