With Mission in Mind—May 24, 2021

Reflection from Michael Kennedy, Head of School

Passion. Purpose. Advocacy.
Nora Daley has served on the FXW Board of Trustees with both passion and purpose. Her 9-year tenure on the Board came to a conclusion last week at the Board’s last meeting of the 2021-22 school year.

As Chair of the Development Committee, under Nora’s leadership and enthusiasm, the School saw year-over-year increases in giving and success with events prior to the pandemic. As a member of the Mission Committee, Nora consistently ensured the Charisms were central to the Board work and school management.

For decades, FXW has benefitted from Nora’s perspective as she has served many civic Boards including the Steppenwolf Theatre, After School Matters, and is currently spearheading the WNDR Museum. Her knowledge of the Chicago non-profit landscape and her familiarity with independent and archdiocesan schools proved to be incredibly valuable as FXW grew to just under 1,000 students, as we developed a comprehensive strategic plan, and as we set our course for the next 5 years.

Nora has witnessed the evolution at FXW, and has been instrumental in carrying out the vision her mother had for this distinct school and community. When Maggie Daley founded the School in 1989, she wanted to create an inclusive school that represented Chicago. Nora has carried this torch while FXW adapted to the changing circumstances of the city and school options. As Head of School, I have been honored to partner with Nora and our school can take great pride in being the model of a faith-based independent school and the standard for a diverse and inclusive community, thanks in large part to her good work. FXW Board Chair Enrique Suarez summarized Nora’s Board tenure: “Nora’s service to FXW is summarized in one word: Advocacy. Whether it was advocating to enhance the School’s socio-economic diversity or in the development of strategic priorities or to challenge FXW to maintain its roots in the vision of its founders, Nora’s active voice has been an inspiration for our school community as it has evolved into the enviable position of being one of Chicago’s finest schools.”

— Michael Kennedy, Head of School