With Mission in Mind—May 17, 2021

Reflection from Kendall Mallette, Director of Mission Integration

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Sadly, it is fairly easy to capture numerous challenges that have touched many, if not all of us, during the past year: COVID-19, racial injustice, access, affordability and inclusivity, catastrophic floods, fires and more. And yet, it is also relatively easy to illustrate the resilience of our community and demonstrate ways in which FXW has risen to the challenge in times of adversity. With unity and resolve, FXW always has and continues to serve the community in and around us, especially in times of need. This past Friday, two glorious examples surfaced, demonstrating how the spirit of giving at FXW continues to move us forward—one a surprise, the other a timeless tradition.

Over the past two decades during which I have been afforded the opportunity to share in community life at FXW, there are a few traditions, such as the Children at the Crossroads (CATC) Scholarship dinner, that never grow old. Thanks to the efforts of co-chairs Veronica and Bob Loquercio and Nicole Liadis and Eli Boufis, countless sponsors, donors, and the work of our Advancement Team led by Director of Advancement Sarah Frick, Friday evening’s Virtual Scholarship Dinner collectively raised more than $550,000 to support the scholarship effort at FXW. Every student, family, and faculty member at the School benefits from our socio-economic diversity. If you were unable to view our program, please click here to watch it at your convenience and you can also still support our scholarship efforts with a gift here. The video, complete with alumni testimonials and words of gratitude from our award winners, also shows how in the present, the interdisciplinary strengths and expertise of FXW’s community members are making a difference. Through giving, alumni, parents, faculty and friends commit to realizing a transformational educational experience across generations. 

Our Friday “surprise” came via email when FXW Parent Ran Cao informed us that through her involvement with a new organization called One Book One World, FXW is the recipient of a generous book donation that will dramatically increase our AAPI heritage library. You can read more about this organization and its efforts in today’s Equity and Justice Community Bulletin, volume 18. And finally, as the Equity and Justice Forum’s Community Committee prepares to launch One Book FXW this summer, and the Cultural Competency in Curriculum Committee continues to assess the cultural relevancy of our curriculum, it is evident that books, scholarship and knowledge are all gifts that keep on giving. Thank you to our generous donors, volunteers and faculty who make an ever-improving FXW experience possible.


—Kendall Mallette, Director of Mission Integration

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