Equity and Justice Bulletin—Vol.15

Amid the pandemic, Asian American people continue to experience racism, violence and harassment. These resources can help you teach the historical precedents for this moment, introduce ways for students to recognize and speak up against coronavirus racism, and start conversations with even the youngest learners about recognizing and acting to address injustice.

What We Are Doing:

Leveraging our Legacy
How does an FXW education prepare students for success? Join us for a virtual panel on April 29 from 7 to 8 p.m. highlighting the experiences of a cross-section of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage FXW students and alumni exploring how their FXW foundation helped them achieve success in high school, college, and beyond. Click here for more information and to register. All are welcome.

The Young Men of Color Symposium

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The Young Men of Color Symposium hosted by Francis W. Parker School is a leadership conference for self-identified men of color who attend independent schools in the Chicago area, in 6th–12th grades.
The day will feature opportunities for participants to explore their multiple identities and learn skills geared towards self-advocacy and community building. The goal of the event is to empower students to effect positive change in their lives and their communities, using newly acquired language and knowledge. Additionally, adult participants will attend workshops designed to help them critically examine how to create and sustain courageous, safe spaces within their school and beyond to effectively serve young self-identified men of color.
Keynote speaker: Author, Educator, Classist and Tattooer Phuc Tran
More information available here.
Please contact Head of the Upper School Justin Brandon with questions at jbrandon@fwparker.org.

What We Are Watching:

We Need to Talk About Anti-Asian Hate

What We Are Reading:

In light of recent news from the Vatican stating that it will not bless same sex unions, we stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

How We Can Support Muslim Students During Ramadan

Swelling Anti-Asian Violence: Who is Being Attacked Where

As a school with a social justice mission, FXW is committed to Do More with respect to improving the overall quality of community life, educational experience, and circumstances for our Community of Color and marginalized groups here and beyond our four walls. If you have resources to share with the FXW community about equity and justice, please click here.