With Mission in Mind—February 8, 2021

Reflection from Kendall Mallette, Director of Mission Integration

100 Ideas That Changed the World

I was recently looking at a 2011 special issue of Time Magazine entitled 100 Ideas That Changed the World: History’s Greatest Breakthroughs, Inventions and Theories. I vividly recall picking it up off the grocery store rack near the cashier ten years ago and thinking that this is a perfect purchase for our four sons who were then enrolled in 3-year-old Preschool through Grade 8 at FXW. I have read and flipped through these pages countless times over the past decade and yet, this most recent time, I noticed that on the very first page as I flipped open the cover was a picture with the caption Forward Progress. It was a famous photo of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. linking arms with other civil rights leaders in March 1965 when they led the historic voting-rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. As many times as I have thumbed the pages of this magazine, I somehow felt as if I were seeing this photo gracing the inside cover for the very first time and then it struck me: one of the single-most influential ideas in history is peaceful progress.

As a parent, employee, and a coach, last week was truly one to remember. Yes, because our students, faculty and a few parents could not gather in the hallowed sanctuary of Old St. Patrick’s Church where Father Hurley presided over a beautiful, albeit mostly empty, worship service, but mostly because the essence of why we came together still rang as true as ever before—the social construct but divinely inspired concept of Peace. I started reflecting back upon some of last week’s events on campus such as our annual schoolwide Peace Prayer Service on Wednesday morning (pictured above with peer-selected Class of 2021 Peacemaker Award honoree Ben Wilhelm, 3rd from the left) and the HNC campus-wide “Just Be Nice Assembly” on Friday afternoon, and it dawned upon me that this COVID-generation of FXW Thinkers and Leaders, in spite of all that is not right in our world right now, still not only lead our School with grace, but also will lead our country some day for the greater good.
A few quotes from Ms. Cashman’s Religion classes on the day of the Peace Prayer Service:

1. Fr. Hurley had some wise words to share today. Which image, story, or words from his homily were inspiring to you? Explain how and why.

2. The FXW Peacemaker Award is voted upon by all the students in Grade 8. How do you think YOU can be a better peacemaker this year in school? Explain. 

Something that inspired me is when Fr. Hurley said that we can learn about peace, but it does nothing if we don’t act with peace. This inspired me because we can learn all about peace, but it does not matter if we don’t apply it. This inspired me to be more peaceful and to try and change things for the better.

I think I can be a better peacemaker by listening and caring about others’ opinions more. I could also be willing to help others more.


The part where Fr. Hurley spoke about remembering your roots stood out to me because we are getting to that stage where we may just want to start a new beginning. And, remembering where we came from is inspiring to start a new beginning but also remember what got us there.

I think I can be a better peacemaker in this school by doing more service and acts of good. Like our school’s Peacemaker this year I can also reach out more when I see someone struggling.


It was inspiring to me that Father Hurley said that Jesus wanted to sit at a table with anyone and everyone no matter who it was. This inspired me to be accepting of myself and to welcome others. 

I think I can be a better peacemaker by helping others when they may be doubting themselves. I usually leave people to do things themselves, but I want to help anyone in need so that others will help me.


When Fr. Hurley talked about trying to connect these kids who were being protected during the Holocaust. This was inspiring to me because I am Jewish, so it was really touching to hear that a prayer was comforting and helping these children.

I can be a better peacemaker this school year by trying to be more helpful, and also trying to have more patience with other people. 

—Kendall Mallette, Director of Mission Integration