Equity and Justice Bulletin ⁠— Vol.9

What We Are Celebrating:

  • In this video, FXW alum and DePaul College Prep Student Body President Luke McMiller, a junior, is highlighted reading scripture at DePaul College Prep’s Blessing & Dedication just over a month ago where FXW parent Mayor Lori Lightfoot was present as well for the celebration. Luke is a former FXW Student Body President. DePaul College Prep President and Founder Mary Dempsey is a long-standing FXW Board of Trustee member.
  • Yale Junior Kahlil Greene First Black Student Body President In 318-Year History

Election Resources:

What We Are Listening to and Watching:

What We Are Reading:

As a school with a social justice mission, FXW is committed to Do More with respect to improving the overall quality of community life, educational experience, and circumstances for our Community of Color and marginalized groups here and beyond our four walls. If you have resources to share with the FXW community about equity and justice, please click here.