Equity and Justice Bulletin—Vol.6

Equity and Justice Community Bulletin—Vol.6
As a school with a social justice mission, FXW is committed to Do More with respect to improving the overall quality of community life, educational experience, and circumstances for our Community of Color here and beyond our four walls.

Over the summer months, the Equity and Justice Community Bulletin (EJCB) was released as a stand-alone publication on a bi-weekly basis. With school officially underway, the EJCB will be built into With Mission in Mind in order to streamline communications sent each week. If you have resources to share with the FXW community about equity and justice, please click here.

Celebrate Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month
September 15 through October 15 is National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month! Let’s ensure that we are uplifting a diverse range of Hispanic and Latinx identities, cultures and histories—including those that are intersectional. To help celebrate and honor Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month with our students, here are some resources that bring Hispanic/Latinx history and voices to the classroom now and throughout the other 335 days of the year.

To Listen:

  • FXW alumni dad and NBA referee Marc Davis shares the referees’ decision to march in solidarity with the players on the NBA campus in Orlando in late August. Click here to learn more about #TakeaKnee and Athlete activism.
  • The Difference Between Hispanic, Latino And Latinx: A lot of people use “Hispanic” and “Latino” interchangeably and have never heard of “Latinx.” So, click here for a little help.

    To Read:

  • Hispanic Heritage Month is problematic — here’s my take on it as a Latina from Hello Giggles
  • Don’t Call Me Puerto Rican, I’m Ecuadorian from YCTeen Magazine
  • Majority of States’ Standards Don’t Mention 9/11
  • To Do:

  • Subscribe to confident parents confident kids: a site for parents actively supporting kids’ social and emotional development
  • Register for the online summit Leadership for a Changing World