SET at the ATLIS Conference

In the spirit of cultivating a Culture of Continuous Improvement, maintaining balance in one’s life has been an ongoing objective for FXW students, parents, and faculty and staff.

Our SET Program (Social Emotional Development & Technology) is one important way that FXW is partnering with parents to help establish this well-balanced lifestyle in our community.
FXW’s SET Program is designed to open the lines of communication between school and home, and to introduce and provide resources that will support families when tackling issues related to technology and social media use.

The SET Team is comprised of our HNC Academic Technology Coordinator, our OSP Campus Librarian/Media Specialist, and both of our campus psychologists. Since its inception in the summer of 2016, the team has hosted many informational parent coffees and guest speakers, provided a wide variety of resources, and this year sponsored FXW’s first annual Day of Unplugging.

Recently, some of our SET team members presented at the Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS) Conference in Washington D.C. Attendees from all over the country discovered the amazing work that is happening right here at FXW and recognized our School as an institutional leader in the field of Academic and Instructional Technology.

On the heels of this national presentation, this past Friday the SET team hosted its final FXW parent coffee of the 2017-18 academic year. The focus of this gathering was to help prepare families technologically for the upcoming summer months. Rich conversation ensued among parents representing both campuses and, as always, the SET-parent partnership yielded a tremendous vault of resources, including everything from educational articles to family technology contracts to tech camps for kids. All of these resources and more may be found on the SET Program’s webpage. Happy summer family planning!