Did You Know?

  • Over 142 FXW families teamed up with DKMS (a non-profit blood donor registry) in order to help parent, Jacey Walsh, find a blood donor match with the hope that she could have a life-saving stem cell transplant. Now, our donor families are on the registry and might help someone well beyond the walls of FXW. We are also thrilled to report that Jacey found a match on the national registry and is now recovering at home with her family. In addition, the School raised $2780 to help offset the registration processing fees for 42 potential donors.
  • Over 110 families attended our 2nd annual Family STEM Night at the HNC campus in January. Families first got to observe our 7th and 8th graders’ STEM projects and then took part in two hands-on exploratory math and science sessions, such as Straw Rocket Engineering, Marshmallow Towers, Lemon Circuits, forensics and more.
  • At the annual Students Involved with Technology (SIT) Conference, 6th grader Payton Garcia led a session for other students on “Advanced Scratch Strategies”. Payton shared the code he used as part of a platformer game in Scratch. He did a great job of representing FXW at this student-led conference.