The Foundations Campaign

A New Era of Impact: Objectives

As we set our sights on a prosperous future to realize a new era of impact at
FXW, we invite you to join us as partners as we enhance the FXW experience,
one that remains faithful to the founding vision for our school.

Growing Our Endowment

As the saying goes: If you want to know what a school prioritizes, look at
its budget. For each of its 30+ years, FXW has prioritized its commitment to
the student experience by investing in its commitment to socio-economic
diversity. Aided by the Children at the Crossroads Foundation (CATC), FXW
has committed over $23.2M to its tuition assistance program since the
school’s founding. In recent years, it has only enhanced the allocation to
meet the growing need of the students and to maintain the experience we
promise to deliver.
Additionally, FXW has always prioritized recruiting and retaining the top
educators in Chicago. The transition from being an Archdiocesan school to
an independent Catholic school has only benefited the school’s efforts to
fulfill this strategic priority.
FXW’s unique model differs fundamentally from our peer schools in Chicago.
Yet, we compete with these schools for top teachers and students. To remain
competitive in our market, we must build our endowment now.
Our effort to enhance the FXW experience requires a significant,
transformative investment.

General Gift to Area of Greatest Need

How your gift can be used:

By giving a general donation to the Foundations campaign, you are allowing FXW to decide where the gift would be most beneficial. Your generosity enables us to make sure all areas of the campaign are addressed equally and make the school better for all. Your gift will go towards supporting student scholarships, campus renovations, and Faculty and Staff salaries.

Our Commitment to Our People: A Transformational

Investment in Faculty Excellence


We commit to investing in the best, most passionate, and most capable
teachers to instill a love of learning in FXW students. No resource has been or
will ever be more essential to FXW’s success than the educators to whom our
children are entrusted.
Prioritizing the compensation and benefits of our teachers and staff fulfills
our commitment to ensure academic excellence and to encourage retention,
thereby promoting the strong sense of community that is vital to FXW’s culture.
At FXW, our greatest resource is our people. This investment is informed
by and aligned with our strategic plan priority to recruit and retain an
outstanding workforce.
Our goal is to compensate our faculty based on credentials and tenure with
salaries comparable to peer Chicago schools. In addition to allowing FXW to stay
competitive when recruiting, retaining, and rewarding faculty, endowed funds will
provide for trainings that enhance the learning experience by ensuring that our
faculty have the resources and support they need.
This endowment will provide the revenue source we require to attract,
reward, and retain teachers who will deliver a quality education.

How your gift can be used:
We recently concluded a year-long study, guided by compensation consultant
John Littleford. In anticipation of the study’s final recommendations, FXW is
committed to raising the appropriate funds to successfully implement them.

Our Commitment to Investing in Socio-Economic

Diversity: Expanding Access and Availability

We commit to maintaining the vision of our school at its founding by providing
need-based scholarships. Through a disciplined and deliberate investment
in our socio-economic diversity, we will enhance FXW’s financial assistance
program in perpetuity. This priority fulfills our aspiration to maintain a financial
assistance program that remains true to the intentions of our founders,
provides need-based scholarships to 30% or more of the student body, and is
sustainable while keeping tuition affordable.
Over the years, scholarship needs have increased, and the school has matched
the contributions from the Children at the Crossroads Foundation (CATC)—our
school’s foundation arm. In order to reach the aspirational objectives stated
in our mission, FXW seeks to build a robust endowment that will ensure the
school will be the most socio-economically diverse school in Chicago for
years to come.
Growing our endowment is essential to the long-term financial strength and
stability of FXW. By making a significant investment in our community today,
we will ensure that we continue to be Chicago’s model for an inclusive, faith-based education.

How your gift can be used:
By investing in our endowment for student scholarships, we can ensure
that academic opportunity at FXW remains accessible to all deserving
students. When fully funded, this endowment will enable our school to
increase the percentage of FXW students on need-based scholarship to
30% by 2028.

Our Commitment to Investing in Our Campuses: Ensuring

Our Facilities Match the Caliber of Our Educational

Program and Instruction

We commit to investing in our facilities so that they are optimized to foster a
sense of community by allowing children from diverse backgrounds to create
bonds. By modernizing our campuses, we will increase the appeal of our
school and ensure that our spaces can enable a variety of academic offerings
and programs that will in turn advance our value proposition.
We are a gathering place for all Chicagoans: our students come to FXW from
almost 60 different zip codes. Our campuses welcome and celebrate the
diversity inherent in our city, offering centralized, communal spaces for all to
FXW is fortunate to have two sprawling city campuses. We have developed
a comprehensive plan for renovations to update our learning and gathering
spaces, to enhance our classroom and kitchen functionality, and to address
aging infrastructures.
Renovations to both campuses will allow us to stay current with the latest
technologies, to better support the way students learn today, and to continue to
provide safe learning environments.

How your gift can be used:

  • Security upgrades
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Safety and fire enhancements
  • HVAC repairs and replacements
  • Ceiling tiles, grids, and lighting replacements
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Comprehensive IT upgrades
  • Elevator Upgrades
  • Window Replacements
  • Roof Replacement