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HNC Extended Day Activities: 2014-2015

FXW offers a variety of activities during after-school hours in conjunction with the existing program offerings. Activities are open to ALL students in grades 4 – 8 (except Academic Approach). Students who are not registered in the Extended Day Program may also enroll in these activities.

There will be three 11 week sessions throughout the year. The first session (Fall) will begin on Monday, September 8th and will end Friday, November 21st. The second session (Winter) will begin on Monday, December 1st and will end Friday, February 27th. The third and final session (Spring) will begin on Monday, March 2nd and will end on Friday, May 29th.

All students who register for an activity must pay the listed activity fee at the time of registration online. This applies to students who are currently registered in the Extended Day program. FXW reserves the right to cancel an activity due to under-enrollment. A minimum of six (6) students must enroll in each activity.

Students who do not participate in the regularly scheduled Extended Day Program, and would like to participate in a class that starts at 4:30, have the option of coming to the Extended Day Program on the day of their scheduled activity at no extra charge. A snack will be provided on those days.
Students must be enrolled for the entire eleven week session; no drop-ins are accepted. Please review the days and times of each activity to make sure your child(ren) can commit to the program.

Students must be picked up promptly at the end of each session unless they are registered for the regular Extended Day Program. Repeated late pick-ups will jeopardize child(ren) from enrolling in future activities.

If your child is interested in participating in one of our many offerings, complete the online registration. If you have questions, please contact Louiza Williamson at

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