Head of School Letter

Head of School Letter—December 2018

January 28, 2019

Dear FXW Family,

Storytelling takes center stage in our homes this time of year. This season—rich with traditions and memory making—provides the perfect time for families and friends to gather and share the stories that are so important to us. Many of us will joyfully recount stories that are foundational to our faith traditions, and most of us, I know, will tell familiar family tales sure to bring laughter or tears. I imagine so many of these stories taking place around the dinner table or a crackling fire; the stories feed us and warm us, physically and spiritually, and they serve to shape, define, and inspire us.

The most recent issue of FXW’s Charism Magazine will be arriving in your homes very soon. Through this magazine—and other outlets like With Mission in Mind—we seek to tell the FXW story. It is, of course, a multifaceted story, told from many perspectives and through many voices. In this issue of Charism, we take a close look at our academics—the theory, the practice, and the impact. It is not intended to be a comprehensive overview of our curriculum, but we hope that through a variety of stories and storytellers, you will gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the incredible things that are happening in our classrooms on a daily basis.

Each of you, whatever your role and however long you have been here, is also helping to tell the FXW story. You do this through your words and actions, through your unique backgrounds and perspectives, and through your connections to people within and beyond our community. Like our holiday tales, your stories help to shape, define, and inspire the FXW community.

We hope you enjoy the stories in the magazine, and we encourage you to continue to tell and share the FXW story. May this be a season of happy memories, joyous traditions, good health, and storytelling that warms our hearts.

A very merry Christmas and a safe and blessed holiday season to each of you…


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