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Beginning in early October and running for five weeks, the FXW Fund allows us to create a community that is grounded in faith and committed to service; a community that truly represents and benefits from the incredible diversity present in our city; a community that learns and grows inside and outside the classroom, creating the thinkers and leaders who will shape our world for generations to come. In short, your tuition helps to create an exemplary school, and your support of the FXW Fund helps to create an unparalleled experience. 

Thank you to our 2018-2019 FXW Fund Campaign Chairs: Nadia Jelinek, Shauna Kelley, and Michael Stuart! 

What does the FXW Fund support?
The proceeds from the FXW Fund are not earmarked for particular programs or initiatives; the dollars raised help to cover our total expenditures for the year. Whatever matters most to you – from academics to athletics to arts, and from faculty professional development to campus maintenance and security – is made possible, at least in part, by the FXW Fund.
Is giving to the FXW Fund mandatory?
While giving to the FXW Fund is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged. Our goal is 100% participation from our current School families.
How much should I give to the FXW Fund?
All contributions benefit all aspects of the FXW experience. In a typical year, donations to the FXW Fund range from $25 to $65,000. We ask that you make the FXW Fund one of your top philanthropic priorities and donate an amount that is meaningful to your family.
I can not make a large gift -- is that okay?
Yes! Every dollar raised matters. We are not asking you to fulfill an annual obligation, but rather to support the difference that our School is making in the world. Your gift to the FXW Fund is a tangible statement that you believe in and are committed to our mission.
How is the FXW Fund different from the Gala?
The FXW Fund and Gala both provide critical operating support for the School, but they play slightly different roles within our community. The FXW Fund is the foundation of our philanthropic efforts; it has the broadest reach and is the best indicator of the level of commitment from all our constituent groups. The Gala presents a wider range of opportunities to provide support, from sponsorships and donations to volunteering and attending. Simply put, the FXW Fund is an affirmation of our mission and the Gala is a celebration of that mission.
Why is the FXW Fund 5 weeks? Can I make my donation outside of the 5-week campaign?
The 5-week campaign was created to allow the community to concentrate our fundraising efforts during a designated time to alleviate multiple solicitations throughout the year. While we hope pledges and/or gifts are made during this 5-week campaign, donations outside of this period are absolutely welcomed and appreciated. For those individuals who make contributions or pledges, you will not be asked to contribute to the FXW Fund again outside of that timeframe. If you miss the 5-week campaign window, our team will follow-up with you to discuss if giving to the FXW Fund is an option for you and your family.
Who else supports the FXW Fund?
In addition to our current families, the FXW Fund is supported by the Board of Trustees, alumni, and alumni parents, grandparents, faculty and staff, and other friends of the School.
Can I make a pledge or reccuring payment?
Absolutely. Some families choose to make a donation during the 5-week campaign while others prefer to make a pledge or establish recurring payments. If you choose to make your gift this way, we simply ask that the pledge or recurring payments are paid in full by the end of the school year (June 15). Pledges and recurring payments can be set up in a variety of ways – the Advancement Team is happy to talk through options with you.
Are gifts of stocks permissible to the FXW Fund?
Yes, gifts of stock are welcomed and may offer certain tax advantages. Please contact Danielle Kelly, Associate Director of Advancement, with questions about stock gifts or any other questions about the FXW Fund. She can be reached at kellyd@fxw.org.