FXW Annual Fund


The Frances Xavier Warde School (FXW) takes its name from Mother Frances Xavier Warde, an Irish immigrant and Sister of Mercy who arrived in Chicago in 1846. Mother Warde was relentless in her compassionate outreach to those in need. Guided by her faith, she worked tirelessly to ensure every single person she met received the services they needed to not only survive but thrive within the burgeoning city of Chicago.

Following in Mother Warde’s footsteps, The FXW Fund allows us to devote the resources necessary to foster the unique FXW community, grounded in faith, service, and inclusion, educating the whole child. Your generosity creates more than an exemplary school; it also creates an unparalleled educational experience.

Please contact the Advancement Team with any questions regarding your gift or pledge.

What does the FXW Annual Fund support?
Donations made to the FXW Annual Fund support our total expenditures for the year, including continued COVID-19 incurred costs to keep our doors open. Whatever matters most to you — from academics to athletics to arts, and from investing in our faculty to campus maintenance and security — is made possible, at least in part, by the FXW Annual Fund.
Is giving to the FXW Fund mandatory?
Giving to the FXW Annual Fund is highly encouraged. Each year, we strive for 100 percent participation from parents, alumni, faculty, staff, our Board of Trustees, and other crucial stakeholders. While aspirational, it personifies always wanting to be better.
How much should I give to the FXW Fund?
No donation is too small and every dollar raised matters. As a point of reference, the “gap” between tuition and the actual cost to educate one student is $3,800. That said, we are not asking you to fulfill an annual obligation, but rather to support the difference that our School is making in the world. Your gift to the FXW Annual Fund is a tangible statement that you believe in and are committed to our mission.
Why is the FXW Fund 5 weeks? Can I make my donation outside of the 5-week campaign?
The 5-week campaign was created to allow the community to concentrate our fundraising efforts during a designated time to alleviate multiple solicitations throughout the year. While we hope pledges and/or gifts are made during this 5-week campaign, donations outside of this period are absolutely welcomed and appreciated. If you miss the 5-week campaign window, our team will follow-up with you to discuss if giving to the Annual Fund is an option for you and your family.
Can I make a pledge or recurring payment?
Absolutely. We encourage you to explore the different FXW Annual Fund donation options, including making a pledge, recurring gift, in-kind gift, or one-time donation. A recurring gift made through the FXW Giving Form is processed on the 15th of each month once set-up and may make a donation to the Annual Fund more manageable for your family. If you choose to make your gift this way, we simply ask that the pledge or recurring payments are paid in full by the end of the school year (June 15). Click on the “Make a Donation or Pledge” button to set-up your pledge or recurring donation.
Are gifts of stocks permissible to the FXW Fund?
Yes, gifts of stock are welcomed and may offer certain tax advantages. Please contact the Advancement Team with questions about stock gifts or any other questions about the FXW Annual Fund.