Co-Curricular Programs

FXW’s Co-Curricular Programs are designed to provide students with a safe and stimulating environment in
which to learn, play, be active and join clubs. From athletics to fine arts, students compete and participate in activities that nurture and expand their personal interests. Our commitment to each child’s well-being is fulfilled when their mind, body and spirit work together.

Co-Curricular Program – 4th-8th Grade Students

Fine Art Activities
Drama Troupe
Filmmakers Club
Lacrosse Sticks

Academic Offerings
Geometry Club
Scholastic Bowl
Debate Team
Introduction to French
Further Math
Test Prep
Chess Club

STEM Offerings
Maker Space

Co-Curricular Program – PreK-3rd Students

Animation Station
Book Club
Fall Choir

CodeSlingers Jr.
Math Mysteries
Musical Theatre

Readers Theatre
LEGO Robotics
STEM Lab K-1
STEM Lab 2-3