Athletics Program

FXW’s athletic program is an integral part of our commitment to nurturing the whole child.  We believe that physical activity promotes mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The mission of FXW’s athletic program is to foster the growth of well-rounded, confident young adults in an age-appropriate manner. Our program emphasizes the importance of four key areas:

  • Social, Emotional, and Physical development through athletics
  • Meeting the individual needs of all students
  • Modeling a learning process that includes self-discipline, respect, success, and failure
  • Giving all students the opportunity to participate in athletics

The athletic program, starting in Grade 2, offers students the opportunity to explore competitive sports in a safe way. Trained coaches emphasize sportsmanship, teamwork, integrity and self-discipline while commending individual effort and commitment. We also believe that activities on the playing fields and courts are an extension of the classroom.

Athletic Department Contact List
Athletic Director Tim Forberg
Equipment Manager Andre Walker
Home Game Event Supervisor Maurice Williams
Athletic Handbook and Policy Support Meagan Dimit
Head of Boys & Girls OSP Athletics Grades 2-3 Joe Carlini
Head of Boys & Girls Volleyball Grades 4-8 Elle Ohlander
Head of Boys & Girls Cross Country Grades 4-8 Kristen Ellison
Head of Boys Flag Football Grades 4-8 Anthony McMath
Head of Girls Basketball Grades 4-8 Andre Walker
Head of Boys Basketball Grades 4-6 Adam Chae
Head of Boys Basketball Grades 7-8 Joe Carlini
Head of Girls Cheer Grades 4-8 Jamie Miller and Annessa Staab,
Head of Boys & Girls Golf Grades 4-8 Joe Carlini
Head of Boys & Girls Soccer Grades 4-8 Joe Carlini
Head of Boys & Girls Track & Field Grades 4-8 Steve Ripes and Kendall Mallette,
4th-8th Grade Athletics
HNC Athletics offer the following sports for Grades 4-8:
Fall:  Boys and Girls Cross Country, Girls Volleyball, Boys Flag Football, Boys and Girls Pre-Season Basketball (Grades 6-8 Only)
Winter:  Boys and Girls Basketball, Cheer and Dance
Spring:  Boys and Girls track and Field, Boys Volleyball, Boys and Girls Golf
2nd-3rd Grade Athletics
OSP Athletics offer the following sports for Grades 2-3:
Fall:  Boys Flag Football & Girls Volleyball
Winter:  Boys and Girls Basketball
Spring:  Boys and Girls Track and Field

Mascot: The Jaguar

Colors: Green & White/Black & White

Conference: CCYL, Illinois Elementary School Association Member

Sports: Cross Country, Volleyball, Flag Football, Basketball, Track & Field, Cheer, Golf