Athletics Program

FXW’s athletic program is an integral part of our commitment to nurturing the whole child.  We believe that physical activity promotes mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The mission of FXW’s athletic program is to foster the growth of well-rounded, confident young adults in an age-appropriate manner. Our program emphasizes the importance of four key areas:

  • Social, Emotional, and Physical development through athletics
  • Meeting the individual needs of all students
  • Modeling a learning process that includes self-discipline, respect, success, and failure
  • Giving all students the opportunity to participate in athletics

The athletic program, starting in Grade 2, offers students the opportunity to explore competitive sports in a safe way. Trained coaches emphasize sportsmanship, teamwork, integrity and self-discipline while commending individual effort and commitment. We also believe that activities on the playing fields and courts are an extension of the classroom.

4th-8th Grade Athletics
HNC Athletics offer the following sports for Grades 4-8:
Fall:  Boys and Girls Cross Country, Girls Volleyball, Boys Flag Football, Boys and Girls Pre-Season Basketball
Winter:  Boys and Girls Basketball, Cheer and Dance
Spring:  Boys and Girls track and Field, Boys Volleyball, Boys and Girls Golf (6th-8th Grade only)
2nd-3rd Grade Athletics
OSP Athletics offer the following sports for Grades 2-3:
Fall:  Boys Flag Football & Girls Volleyball
Winter:  Boys and Girls Basketball
Spring:  Boys and Girls Track and Field

Mascot: The Jaguar

Colors: Green & White/Black & White

Conference: CCYL, Illinois Elementary School Association Member

Sports: Cross Country, Volleyball, Flag Football, Basketball, Track & Field, Cheer, Golf