Annual Fund

Make a Donation

What is the FXW Annual Fund first?

We ask that the first gift you make to FXW each year be a gift or pledge to the Annual Fund. Your gift provides an opportunity for all members of the FXW community to invest in the excellence of our programs. In addition to tuition and fees, we also depend on the charitable support of our parents, alumni, and other friends in order to meet our operating needs, and the Annual Fund is a major source of that revenue.

Why is the Annual Fund important?

Donations to the Annual Fund are critical to the School’s success. Simply put, the money raised adds depth and breadth to the FXW experience. Among other things, it enables us to continue to provide our wide range of learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom, and allows us to recruit, train, and retain our extraordinarily talented and dedicated faculty. By helping to keep our tuition as affordable as possible, the Annual Fund also promotes our commitment to socioeconomic diversity.

What is the goal?

The theme of this year’s Annual Fund is “It All Adds Up.” It is a reminder that FXW is more than a collection of individuals. When we come together as a community, all working together, we are capable of extraordinary things. Our goal is 100% participation. Every gift to the Annual Fund, no matter the size, matters. Your investment is a commitment to the mission of FXW and a statement that we are all working in partnership to provide the best possible education for our children.

Other questions?

If you have any questions about Annual Fund – including installment payments, corporate matching gifts, or gifts of stock – please contact Colleen Sacks in our Advancement Office, or 312-268-2515.