Giving Tuesday

Through a new program called Level Up Village (LUV), our 7th grade students are partnering with peers in Mexico and Zimbabwe through a course called “Global Web Designers.” The LUV platform, which has been integrated into our STEM curriculum, provides a sophisticated yet straightforward methodology for the students to become “digital pen pals.” Together, they use 21st century technology to collaborate on real-world problems, while also broadening their understanding of different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. Through our participation in LUV’s “take a course, give a course” model, FXW is also helping to provide a similar web-design course for students in a developing country.

In future years, we hope to expand the program to include additional grade levels and curricular units. You can help make this happen! By participating in our Giving Tuesday appeal, you will not only help our students gain critical skills, but also will allow us to increase our global footprint and provide much-needed resources for the poorest of the poor. Thank you very much for your generosity!