Keeping in mind the busy pace at FXW, it is unfair to both your child and to others in the classroom if a student comes to school ill. To prevent widespread illness, your child must stay home from school if s/he has been ill within the last 24 hours — including fever over 100.4, continually runny nose or cough, or vomiting and diarrhea. Children should be fever-free without the aid of medicine for 24 hours before they return to school. If your child was sent home due to illness, your child must stay home the following day to ensure a full recovery.

Should your child become ill at school, including fever over 100.0, vomiting at school, or symptoms of bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye), the child will be sent to the nurse’s office and remain there until s/he is picked up. The nurse’s office will notify you. Please make every effort to come to school immediately and pick up your child within the hour as your child needs you.

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