There are many things that make FXW unique: its mission, its commitment to diversity, and its independence. While FXW has a home at two parishes: Old St. Patrick’s Church and Holy Name Cathedral, FXW is not a parish school.  FXW is financially independent, which makes it particularly distinctive among Catholic grammar schools. In fact, when FXW was founded, it was the first self-supporting Catholic grammar school in the Chicago diocese.

FXW is independent in its governance as well as its finances. Neither parish governs FXW, instead the school is governed by a lay Board of Trustees, whose members include school leadership, pastoral representatives, community leaders, and current FXW parents. The Board has three standing subcommittees, Facilities, Finance and Development, which provide strategic planning and direction for the future and ensure FXW’s commitment to the mission of its founders.

FXW’s independence in finances and governance does not affect its Catholic identity. In 2009, Francis Cardinal George appointed the Frances Xavier Warde Association of the Christian Faithful: A Catholic Community Committed to Excellence and Diversity in Education, which oversees the school’s commitment to spirituality. FXW provides a Catholic education but embraces and celebrates all faiths, which is consistent with the school’s mission to create a community which reflects the City with socioeconomic, cultural and religious diversity.  As Head of School, Mary Reiling states, “children of all faiths, can learn from each other and celebrate their shared values.”

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