Tuition Account Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What if I am not able to sign up for AutoPay?

    If you need special arrangements, please email Emily Young at

  • If I send in a check or different credit / debit card payment, will that replace my AutoPay charge for that month?

    It depends. If you make a check or online payment, it must be received by the end of the month to be reflected on the next statement and deducted from the next month’s AutoPay debit amount. If the payment is not received in time to be reflected on that statement, it will be on the following statement and the following month’s AutoPay charge will reflect the reduction .

  • What if I want to be removed from AutoPay?

    AutoPay is required for enrollment.  If you need special arrangements, please email Emily Young at

  • If I want to change my account information, may I just call and give you my new information?

    For your protection we must have all changes in writing. If you want to change to a new account number, you must sign into My Account in myFXW to update your information.

  • I want my credit / debit card to be charged on a certain date. May I specify what date I want my charge to be made each month?

    You are given two payment date options; the 10th or 25th of the month.  You will select your preference during enrollment or when your AutoPay profile is established.

  • If I'm on AutoPay why do I continue receiving a tuition statement via email?

    You will continue to receive a tuition statement. This is for your records, so that you know how much your account will be charged for that month. If there is no balance due and no activity on your account for any month, you will not receive a statement for that month.

  • When will the payment be deducted from my bank account or credit card?

    You will receive an e-mail from FXW 2-3 days before the payment is scheduled to be charged. The email will include information on the payment amount. Your account will be charged either on the 10th or 25th, depending on which date you selected during enrollment.  You may modify this date at any time by returning to the myFXW portal and visiting My Account.

  • Can I be set up to have my payment split between two or more accounts?

    Yes. In myFXW, at, on the AutoPay/Billing page for your child, there is an option to Add Payment Source. Please notify the business office of your intentions at 1-312-466-0700 option 8. Please note that only an authorized signer on any given account may add that account. You cannot add someone else’s account. If another family member will be making part of the payment, they must log in and add their own account.

  • How do I change my bank account information?

    To make any changes to your AutoPay bank or credit card account information, simply log on to myFXW with your username and password. From the Dashboard, go to the My Students page, click Manage Enrollment for your child, then Billing to review the accounts you want to edit or remove. You can also add accounts here.

  • How do I get started with AutoPay?

    Establishing your AutoPay account is one of the steps in the online re-registration and enrollment processes. You can also get started by logging into myFXW, at and going to the My Students page.

  • Can I view my account online?

    We do not yet have the capability to view accounts or account activity online. We are considering it for future enhancements.

  • What are my payment method options?

    AutoPay and miscellaneous online payments can be made via credit card of e-check. Credit card payments will incur a 2.75% processing fee, e-checks will not. Paper checks are also accepted at both campuses for miscellaneous payments.

  • What are my tuition payment schedule options?

    We offer 2 payment options:

    • One-pay option. Tuition and Activity Fees for the upcoming year are paid in full by March 25th. One-pay families may take an optional $100 discount on the total amount due for each of their children.

    • 10-pay option. Tuition and Activity Fees, minus the enrollment deposit and any scholarship awards, are spread over 10 monthly payments. The first payment is due in March and the final payment in December. AutoPay, whereby amounts due each month are automatically charged to your bank account or debit/credit card is mandatory for this option.
  • What is AutoPay?

    AutoPay is the process which allows FXW to charge your debit/credit card or bank account for the payment due each month. At registration you enter which payment method you prefer and either the 10th or 25th of the month for your payment date. You are automatically charged for the amount shown on your latest statement. See additional information under AutoPay FAQs.

  • When will I receive my statement?

    Statements are emailed to families each month around the 6th business day. The statements include all charges and payments received by the last day of the prior month.

  • Can I still receive a paper statement in the mail?

    Regularly mailed statements are no longer an option. We are happy to mail an individual statement upon request.

  • Why did I not get a statement this month?

    Accounts that have no activity and no payment due do not generate a statement. This most often occurs for families that have chosen the one-pay option or have finished all tuition payments in advance of the final due date.

  • Can I make payments for tuition or late pick-up fee online?

    Yes. Although with AutoPay, it is no longer necessary – your account will automatically be charged for the amount currently due on your regularly scheduled AutoPay date.

    If you do make an online payment, it must be received by the end of the month to be reflected on the next month’s statement and deducted from the next month’s AutoPay debit amount.

  • Can I view my statement online?

    We do not yet have the capability to view statements online. We are always happy to provide a duplicate statement via email upon request.

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