The Faith Experience

FXW is a Catholic school attended by children of many faiths. We continue to help children develop an awareness of God while being respectful of religious diversity. From 1st-8th grade, religious learning takes place in two groups: The Moonbeams learn from the Catholic viewpoint and the Shooting Stars learn from an interfaith point of view. Values and respect for everyone and all religions are the foundations of the school as religious learning adds depth for everyone.

Moonbeams (Catholic)

The scope and sequence of the Moonbeam curriculum is based on The Catechism of the Catholic Church. At each grade level, there is a written curriculum and in the grades where the children receive the sacrament of Holy Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Confirmation, special sacramental books supplement the curriculum. Catholic students regularly attend Mass and participate in all Catholic traditions and Holy Days.

Shooting Stars (Interfaith)

The scope and sequence of the Shooting Stars curriculum parallels the Moonbeams curriculum where possible. Commonalities in doctrine and faith experiences are emphasized. For example, if Moonbeams are studying Baptism, Shooting Stars students are studying the symbolism of water in different religious contexts. The children are also given the opportunity to express their own traditions during their classes. Throughout the year, students participate in prayer services that honor Harvest Time in the fall, Seasons of Light in the winter, and renewal in the spring.

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