The Frances Xavier Warde School’s SET Program

The Frances Xavier Warde School’s Social Emotional Development and Technology Program (SET) is the collaboration among the Academic Technology Coordinators and FXW Psychologists at each campus. This partnership allows for discussions that cover the overlap between the devices we use, the social media we participate in, and the multiple forms of media surrounding us in our everyday lives. SET is an outreach program to bring discussions and resources to our FXW parents, and with this goal, our hope is that parents will attend and participate in the various talks and presentations planned over the course of the year.

FXW SET events for the 2016-17 school year will focus on helping students develop empathy in support of our diverse and inclusive culture. We hope that engagement in these events provides the impetus for ongoing discussions between school and home, between teachers and parents, and between teachers and students. For the upcoming year, we are offering a series of speakers, as well as grade-level specific parent coffees. Please add these dates to your calendars and plan to join us! Look for RSVP information closer to the date of each event.

HNC Parent Coffees

A parent coffee will be offered for parents of each grade level 4th-8th grade on selected Thursday mornings throughout the school year. All coffees will run from 8:15-9:00am and will be held in the cafeteria at HNC. Look for RSVP information two weeks before each coffee.

Thursday, September 15th – 5th Grade parents
Entering the middle school years. Informal talk on preteens, technology and social media, and
strengths and challenges of the middle school years.

Thursday, December 8th – 4th Grade parents
Looking to the joys and pitfalls of middle school. Informal talk on the move to 5th grade: changing
classes, 1:1 device management, and preteen relationships.

Thursday, January 12th – 8th Grade parents
Navigating relationships in the face to face and digital world. Informal talk on helping young adults
learn to form healthy relationships in the physical and digital worlds.

Thursday, March 23rd – 7th Grade parents
Raising empathetic young adults. Informal talk on helping 7th graders continue to work through
relationship challenges many times exacerbated by social media and how we as adults can model

Thursday, April 6th – 6th Grade parents

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