FXW School’s preschool program is NAEYC accredited and follows the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards. Children are guided to develop interests in many topics and investigate these topics through long-term projects and themes. Children develop their social-emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development through the enriching classroom experiences.

Our philosophy is to facilitate learning in developmentally appropriate ways.  We believe in:

  • play as the foundation for academic learning
  • strong social and emotional health with an emphasis on relationships, self-regulation and initiative
  • nurturing optimism and happiness in the classroom
  • increasing empathy and compassion in order to resolve peer conflicts
  • the process of learning rather than the product
  • teaching critical thinking skills through discussing, questioning and exploring
  • providing choices to foster motivation to learn
  • building body awareness by strengthening gross motor and fine motor muscles
  • supporting the religious and spiritual faith of all children through prayer and music
  • encouraging self-help skills to build independence and pride
  • partnering with parents to support and nurture their child
  • child readiness for learning with sensitivity to individual differences and needs

FXW’s Preschool Program follows the Continuity of Care (COC) model

What does this look like at FXW? The children remain in the program with the same teachers and classmates over their two years in preschool. What does continuity of care provide for my child?

  • Your child will have a secure attachment with his/her teachers.
  • This healthy relationship allows your child to play, explore and interact with teachers in a comfortable, stable and predictable setting.
  • Teachers will know children’s needs and backgrounds
  • Your child will be able to establish friendships and deepen them over time.
  • The time together with peers provides your child opportunities to develop social skills. Children need many experiences in a comfortable atmosphere to be with other children to relate, communicate, make decisions, and accept responsibility.
  • Research shows a rise in language development and vocabulary and less disruptive behaviors.

What does continuity of care do for me as a parent of the FXW community?

  • You and the teachers can develop a healthy parent-teacher partnership.
  • Partnerships allow children to see the important adults in their lives working together to support their development.
  • You can develop friendships and a strong sense of community with other parents in your classroom as you attend student and school events.
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