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If you have a child at FXW you are already a member!
Who are we and what do we do?



Give us a few hours on a single day or more! You decide when you sign up to help for the following:

OSP Morning Drop-off OSP Lunchroom OSP Front Office HNC Front Office Merchandise Sales
Mon-Fri, 7:35-8:05am Mon-Fri, 10:55am -1:15pm Tues-Wed, 8am-10am Wed, 8am-10am various dates

To sign up please go to and enter the email: “”

For any questions, contact the Volunteer Coordinator Maureen Dahlen at

Wish you could be more involved in the FXW Community but don’t have the time? Whether you’re signing on to be responsible for an entire project or pitching in for an hour or two — volunteering is the foundation of Parent Group and is a great way to meet more families and your children’s friends!

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities, each with different time commitments, experience requirements, and logistics.

Look over the list to see if anything strikes a chord, then if you’d like to volunteer, complete the form by Monday, September 16th at Our volunteer coordinators/committee chairs, will get back to you to let you know what options are available and share next steps.

Thank you!

Sandra D’Arco and Shauna Kelley,
Parent Group Co-Chairs 2013-14


Come get to know other FXW families. The Parent Group is sponsoring the following events for both the OSP and HNC campuses:

December- Teacher and Staff Holiday Bonus Fund
December 20
Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier
January 25th
If snow, sledding and cocoa at Erie Park (weather permitting)
No events
May 4th
Mary Bartelme Park at 115 South Sangamon/10:30
End of Year Teacher and Staff Gift Fund – click here to donate!

For more information, please contact the Happenings Co-chairs:

  • Kimberly Rachal (
  • Kate Smith (

Staff Appreciation

The Appreciation Luncheons are held twice a year in the HNC cafeteria for the entire faculty and staff. Committee members will work within a budget to cater the event, solicit some food donations from parents, and organize volunteers for set-up, service, and clean-up.

Fall Luncheon
Friday, October 11th
Spring Luncheon
Friday, March 14th

For more information please contact:
- Fall Luncheon

  • Kimberly Scott (
  • Megan McDonald Paulson (

- Spring Luncheon

  • Cicely Glanton :
  • Dorothy Capers :

Book Fairs

The Parent Group provides staffing and organizes a fall and spring book fair at each campus. This event provides books and financial bonuses to the school as well as encouraging children to read for fun!


OSP Fall Book Fair
November 20th (Preview day), 21st, 22nd & 25th (Sell days)
OSP Spring Book Fair
May 6th (Preview day), May 7th, May 8th, & May 9th (Sell days)

For any questions and to volunteer please contact one of the OSP Book Fair Co-Chairs:

  • Stacy Giles (
  • Sarah Fotis (


HNC Fall Book Fair
November 12th & November 13th
HNC Spring Book Fair
May 1st and May 2nd

For any questions and to volunteer please contact one of the OSP Book Fair Co-Chairs:

  • Danielle Colyer (
  • Dorothy Capers (

Service Projects

Work with FXW staff to coordinate projects that provide, via several charitable organizations, goods and gifts for children and families in need. OSP organizes a Thanksgiving food drive beginning in late October through November. HNC organizes a pajama and toy drive beginning in mid-November; donations are wrapped and delivered mid-December.

For more information please contact the co-chairs:

Rose Loftus (
Andra Boliker (
Arnette Faulkner (
Elizabeth Rodriguez (
Arlene Sanoy (
Katherine Grover (
Cindi DiBuglione (
Monique Gonzales (


Show your school spirit! The Parent Group Merchandise committee produces and sells FXW merchandise that supports Parent Group events and the teacher funds.

Merchandise sales can be found at the following events:

Fun Fest (OSP)
August 29th
Grandparents Day (OSP)
November 25th
Parent Teacher Fall Conferences (OSP/HNC)
November 22nd
Ultimate Playdate
May 17th
Parent Teacher Spring Conferences (OSP/HNC)
May 13th OSP,
Portfolio Conference Day (OSP)

In addition, you can find our special merchandise in the following brochure

To help volunteer for these events or for any questions or suggestions, please contact the Merchandise Co-Chairs:

  • Alison Tragesser Finley (
  • Caroline Corpuz (
  • Katrina Wittkamp (

Book Swap

The book swap occurs at the end of the year at both campuses. It is designed to stimulate summer reading, get kids excited about sharing and describing books as well as continuing to see great use out of used books.

To help volunteer for this event of for further questions, please contact one of the Book Swap Committee Chairs:

Priya Valenti (
Lynne Cassidy (
Teri Montes (
Julie Davis (

Room Parents

Room parents are a liaison between teachers and parents, responsible for various classroom and school social functions. Two parents are needed for each room in Preschool through 4th grade. One parent is needed for each room in 5th through 8th grades.

A request for parent volunteers is sent out at the beginning of each school year. The FXW Principals along with the Room Parent Coordinators decide on Room Parent volunteers. This is done to allow everyone the opportunity to serve in this position. Once selected, you would be contacted in early September and are required to participate in the “Room Parent Orientation” in late September or early October (typically an hour-long meeting held after drop-off or in the evening; date TBD).

For specific questions please contact the following Room Parent Coordinators:

  • Preschool: Arlene Sanoy at
  • Kindergarten through 3rd Grade: Deb Mc Donald at
  • 4th through 8th Grade: Lisa Shydlowski at

Parent Socials

The annual Parent Socials provide a way for adults in the FXW community to meet, catch up, and get to know new families without having to worry about the kids. These events are typically held at the beginning of the school year by grade level. Parent hosts volunteer their home, party room, or other space to provide a venue for the event. Families are asked to provide an appetizer, beverage, or dessert to minimize the hosts’ expense. Invitations to each social will be sent in late summer/early fall, depending upon the date. Please watch the FXW calendar and blog for information about your grade level’s social.

If you would like to be a grade level host or would like more information about the socials in general, please contact the Parent Socials Co-Chairs.

  • Gail Taggart at
  • Carrie Egan at


The AVIC program was designed to bring parents into the classroom to lead and assist with art projects. Parents will be trained through the Art Institute of Chicago to help children learn about great artists and their works. AVIC coordinators will work with the FXW art department to coordinate a class-by-class curriculum and projects.

Emails are sent out to parents when planned AVIC projects are scheduled requesting volunteer support. These projects occur in the fall and the spring (HNC only does spring.) Watch your email or “In the Loop” for further information.

For specific questions please contact the AVIC Committee Chairs:

Mark Hubert (
Janelle Reese (
Greg Faulkner (
Priya Valenti (
Carrie Egan (

International Fest

The International Festival is an event that celebrates the rich, diverse heritage and cultural traditions of FXW families. This event is held during World Language Week at school (typically March-April). Each year, one country/culture is highlighted. Parents gather to enjoy food from that region as well as FXW student performances. Past entertainment has included African drumming and Bollywood dancing.

For specific questions, please contact the International Festival Co-chairs:

  • Danielle Colyer at

Get Fit!

FXW Parents – Get Excited and Get Fit with Parent Group!

FXW Parents – Get Excited and Get Fit with Parent Group!

GoPerformance Fitness is partnering with FXW Parent Group to provide “After Drop Off” Workouts!

 What better way to keep up with your kids and work off those Starbucks calories! Get to know other parents in the best way possible – helping each other get fit!

The GoPerformance philosophy is to provide a personalized fitness club with trainer led workouts that provide professional guidance and services that address all components of fitness. Don’t expect any stationary machines or a trainer counting repetitions while you repeat the same old-style circuit equipment. GoPerformance wants you on your feet, moving in multiple directions, getting stronger in your core and replicating many of the activities you encounter in real life in order to look, feel and perform your best.

So, all of you FXW parent volunteers, committee chairs and members as well as the general parent community – come experience the GoPerformance style of training along with the motivation of others working together through a non-stop action packed work out. Performance fitness coaches will keep you guessing about what they have in store next.

Get Fit together!


1001 W. Adams
Chicago, IL 60607; 
corner of Morgan and Adams

Please contact Meredith or Joe at 312-243-0001 for more information and to sign-up!


A monthly commitment starts on the date of your choosing. Included is a free fundamental training session. FXW parents can participate in 12 available weekly sessions, Monday – Friday, at 8 or 9 am.

Group Conditioning 

  • Tuesday – 8am
  • Thursday – 8am

Semi Private Training

  • Monday – 8am & 9am
  • Tuesday – 8am & 9am
  • Wednesday 8am & 9am
  • Thursday 8am & 9am
  • Friday 8am & 9am


Group Conditioning  - These workouts are high intensity interval workouts that involve full body and core focused strength training. Constantly changing programming gets results whether you are new to fitness or an elite athlete trying to take it to the next level.

 Semi-Private Training -Find your motivation in working with groups of 2-6. New daily workouts take you through several phases of functional resistance training that develop muscle strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. If you want to experience an overall improvement in physical well being this training will get you there!


2013-14 Parent Group Advisory Board
  • Sandra D’Arco :
  • Shauna Kelley :
  • Robert Finley :
  • Kimberly Scott :
  • Maureen Dahlen :
  • Gail Taggart :
  • Carrie Egan :
  • Pre-K & K: Arlene Sanoy :
  • K-3: Deb McDonald :
  • Grades 4–8: Lisa Shydlowski :
2012-13 Parent Group Committee Chairs
  • Fall:
    • Kimberly Scott :
    • Megan McDonald Paulson (
  • Spring:
    • Cicely Glanton :
    • Dorothy Capers :
  • HNC:
    • Mark Hubert :
    • Janelle Reese :
  • OSP:
    • Greg Faulkner :
    • Priya Valenti :
    • Carrie Egan :
  • Kate Carey :
  • Erin Brandenberg :
  • Maria Callahan :
  • OSP:
    • Stacey Giles :
    • Sarah Fotis :
  • HNC:
    • Danielle Colyer :
    • Dorothy Capers :
  • OSP:
    • Priya Valenti :
    • Lynne Cassidy :
  • HNC:
    • Teri Montes :
    • Julie Davis :
  • Alison Finley :
  • Katrina Wittkamp :
  • Caroline Corpuz :
  • Kimberly Rachal :
  • Kate Smith :
  • OSP:
    • Rose Loftus :
    • Andra Boliker :
    • Arnette Faulkner :
    • Elizabeth Rodriguez :
    • Arlene Sanoy :
  • HNC:
    • Katherine Grover :
    • Cindi Dibuglione :
    • Monique Gonzales :
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