The Frances Xavier Warde School is a Catholic elementary school in downtown Chicago that provides an academically excellent, values-oriented education to students of all ethnic, religious, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds in a child-centered urban environment. As a keystone of its diverse community, The Frances Xavier Warde School provides need-based scholarships to 30 percent of its students. The Frances Xavier Warde School partners with its families, nurtures faith development for its Catholic students, and engages all its students to learn about and respect other faith traditions. The Frances Xavier Warde School uses a rigorous curriculum that enables students to grow, clarify their values, and develop decision-making skills and a sense of responsibility for themselves and the world they will inherit.

Who Are We?

Our founders wanted to build a school where children would receive an excellent academic education as well as develop a moral compass to guide them throughout their lives. Social responsibility is at the heart of the FXW experience. In every lesson, prayer service, activity and service project, our faculty strives to instill a passion for advocacy, philanthropy and social justice in our students. As a result, FXW graduates are some of the most sought-after high school applicants and are accepted to many of the top high schools in Chicago.

Our student body is as diverse geographically as it is culturally, religiously and socioeconomically. The commitment of our parents and supporters to our mission allows us to provide scholarships to 30 percent of our students – one of the largest percentages of school scholarships in the country. We believe an urban school should be a part of – and not apart from – its city. With that in mind we take advantage of all that our great city has to offer.

We are located in the heart of Chicago with campuses in the Gold Coast and the West Loop. With the blessing of Francis Cardinal George and strong partnerships with Holy Name Cathedral and Old Saint Patrick’s Church, we maintain our Catholic identity while embracing all faiths.


FXWDay_logo_CO1 A Community of Faith

As a Catholic community, we host the experience of The Frances Xavier Warde School. We proclaim the goodness of God and everything we teach is rooted in the Catholic tradition. We welcome the gifts that the interfaith members of our community contribute to our mission. We encourage all members of our community to evaluate their cultural values in the context of faith.

FXWDay_logo_CO1 A Community that is Purposefully Diverse and Intentionally Inclusive

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods. By inviting all the neighborhoods into our school we show the value and respect toward all cultures. We seek out diversity and rejoice in the gifts that an inclusive community has in a global society.

FXWDay_logo_CO1 A Community of Service

We put our faith into action by reaching out to serve others, especially those in need. Students and their families perform service projects for both the local community and the community beyond our borders.

FXWDay_logo_CO1 A Community of Thinkers and Leaders in an Academically Enriched Environment

The FXW community prepares students to be leaders in the world. The education is rigorous and inextricably linked to becoming a person of faith and character. The program of studies is project based, progressive and helps the student think critically in the pursuit of excellence.

Holy Name Cathedral Campus
751 N. State St., Chicago, IL 60654
P: 1-312-466-0700
F: 1-312-337-7180
Old St. Patrick's Campus
120 S. Desplaines St., Chicago, IL 60661
P: 1-312-466-0700
F: 1-312-466-0711
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