OrganicLife Lunch Program

OrganicLife is the leading foodservice provider of healthy lunches in the state of Illinois. We at OrganicLife challenge ourselves to think outside the lunchbox for the health and well-being of your children! We believe that it’s never too early to instill good eating habits in our kids, and school lunch is just the place to start. Sick of our kids eating processed, often times unrecognizable lunches, we sought to focus on all things good – whole grains, fruits and veggies, and proper balance. We cook the traditional, classic foods, but we make them better – better quality, better tasting, better for you. We believe that eating better today leads to a healthier, happier tomorrow. Want to learn more? Visit us online at or give us a call at (847) 441-4159.

A few important reminders about the OrganicLife program:

  • The meal packages are grouped by day and cannot be separated by specific meal. By selecting “Monday,” your child will receive lunch every Monday; by selecting “Tuesday,” your child will receive lunch every Tuesday, etc. We apologize, but we cannot pro-rate or divide the meal packages if your child only wants 3 out of 4 Monday meals.
  • There will be two sessions offered throughout the year with separate sign-up times:
    Session Dates
    Sign Up Dates
    Session I (September – January)
    August 21st – August 29th (online) Note: Manual Forms are due August 26th
    Session II (February – June)
    January 13th – January 24th (online) Note: Manual Forms are due January 24th
  • Each OrganicLife meal includes (1) main entrée portion. We apologize, but second helpings of the main entrées are not included in the meal price.
  • In addition to the menu item listed, each lunch comes with a vegetable, fresh fruit and full salad bar.
  • We do not offer refunds for missed lunches due to sick days, doctor’s appointments, etc.
  • If your child would like a vegetarian meal, please include that information in the Additional Notes box on the payment page.
  • Important Information Regarding Allergies: All OrganicLife facilities are nut-free. The kitchens are not allergen-free, as some menu items contain gluten, dairy, soy, and/or egg. More details on the allergen information per meal can be found under the Manual Orders tab
For the safety of your children, OrganicLife recommends that any child with a severe or life-threatening allergy to an item found on our menu or in our kitchen, not consume OrganicLife meals.

If you are interested in ordering OrganicLife lunches, there are two ways to order: manually and online. Please select either tab for more instructions on how to place your order. You will be billed separately for each month. For more information on financial assistance, please see the Free and Reduced Lunch tab.

To Create a Hot Lunch Account:

If you had an account last year, you will be able to use your email address and old password.
This is something we have been working on to streamline the process. The good news is we were able to do it, but not before we gave you these instructions. So you do NOT have to sign up as a new account if you were with us last year. If you did not have an account last year then sign-up in the “Don’t Have an Account – Register Now” Section.

To order, please pick your option below:

Preschool-1st Grade 2nd-3rd Grade 4th-8th Grade Milk Only
  1. Click the box on the days you’d like hot lunch.
  2. Select your child’s grade. Enter your child’s first and last name.
  3. Click “Add to Cart.”On the next page, you can review your order. If you have another child in the same grade range as your current website, click “Add another child.” This will take you back to the first page where you select the days for that child, enter his/her information, and again, “Add to cart.”
  4. If your children are in grades that require different websites, the orders will merge into one. Open one website and add your selected days to the cart. Then, open the additional website and add to cart. Both children will appear in the cart.
  5. Once your order is complete, create your account with email address, billing info, etc. Click “Submit” once, and you’re done!

Thank you for your order!

If you need help or have a question, please contact Toby, our Account Services Specialist, at (847) 441-4159, she would be happy to help set up everything with you.

If you would like to pay with cash or check, please complete the PDF order forms below. You will need to print and return the appropriate age group form, as well as the payment form. All checks should be made out to OrganicLife and mailed to them, as instructed on the payment form. Remember, lunches are grouped and must be ordered by day of the week.

Manual forms for Session II are due Friday, January 24th.

  Organic Life Allergen Information (615.5 KiB, 63 hits)

  Session 2: Daily Menu (158.9 KiB, 229 hits)

  Session 2: Manual Order Form 2-3 (19.9 KiB, 64 hits)

  Session 2: Manual Order Form 4-8 (22.4 KiB, 64 hits)

  Session 2: Manual Order Form Pre-1st (19.9 KiB, 104 hits)

  Session 2: Manual Payment Form (533.9 KiB, 74 hits)

  Session 2: Menu Overview (123.3 KiB, 88 hits)

Please note OrganicLife’s cancellation policy:

  • Orders for Session I will automatically roll over to Session II (February – June), unless you inform OrganicLife via email that you would like to opt out. Please include your child’s name, grade, and school. You will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours as to when the cancellation will take place. If you do not receive a cancellation confirmation, please contact OrganicLife directly.
  • We offer parents two weeks from the first day of the new cycle to sample the food and decide whether or not they are happy with their order. If, during these two weeks, you decide you want to cancel, you must send an email to with your child’s information, and we will refund them for uneaten meals and cancel out their order completely. After the initial two week period, you will not receive a refund. By clicking “Cancel” mid-cycle within their online account, they are simply opting not to re-enroll for the next order cycle, and they will receive lunches and be billed for the entirety of the cycle.

For any questions or concerns, please call (847) 441-4159 and ask to speak with Toby, our Account Services Specialist.

Free and reduced lunches are available for qualifying students through the OrganicLife lunch program. Parents must print, fill out, and submit the application below to Barb Banaszek at the HNC Campus. One application should be submitted for each family. Barb will contact parents with notice of approval for free or reduced lunch.

IMPORTANT: If you are submitting an application for Free and Reduced Lunch, do NOT sign up for lunch online or manually.

Free and Reduced Lunch Application

Questions can be directed to Barb Banaszek at 312.268.2561.

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