A wide variety of activities are available at The Frances Xavier Warde School. From competitive sports and clinics to choir and fine arts, children are able to freely explore and enhance their own interests, talents and skills.

In addition to the arts and sports, there are two aspects of life at FXW that expand a student’s view of the world beyond the classroom. “Exploratories” are an FXW invention. Something like a college elective class, students choose, for their exploratory experience, one of many off-campus opportunities to see professionals do what they do best. Students have visited the Stroger Hospital Emergency Room, the Rehab Institute and a professional Judo training facility. They have done architecture tours, visited the Baha’i temple and the Olympic 2016 bid headquarters.

But perhaps more definitive than any other special program, our curriculum of service projects is unique among elementary schools. From their youngest days here, our students participate in service projects. Whether it’s collecting canned goods or linens for a local homeless shelter, whether it’s visiting a local nursing home and developing relationships with it residents or tutoring youngsters in a city school, service becomes a way of life for our students, and defines them as adults. When our parents ask their kids about the last time they thought of someone other than themselves, they have an answer!

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