High School Application Process

The high school application process in downtown Chicago is not only complex, it can also be daunting. After years of working closely with Chicago area high school personnel to grasp the nuances and expectations of the various high school programs, FXW has developed a multi-faceted high school matriculation process that helps make the high school transition seamless for both students and parents. This highly customized consultation, organized by High School Counselor Brigid Cashman, helps each student to determine which high schools best fit his or her individual needs and aspirations.

Parent/Student Meetings

Grade level parent meetings geared toward the high school process begin in 6th grade. These sessions explain the different strategies useful at each grade level in managing the various aspects of preparing for high school applications. For example, parents of 7th grade students learn about the concept of “shadowing” so that they can set up shadow days for their children at Chicago-area high schools. Other pertinent information and deadlines are shared at the 6th, 7th and 8th grade high school process meetings, which enable parents to stay organized as they complete the process.

Grade level student meetings with the High School Counselor begin in the spring of 7th grade. Further conversations with the 8th grade class take place in the fall, when students begin to identify personal needs and specific interests that they wish to see met by the high schools they will eventually attend.

Conferences with the High School Counselor

Individual sessions with each FXW student preparing for high school begin in the spring of 7th grade or the fall of 8th grade. These one-on-one conferences assist students with final decisions regarding which high school applications they will complete. In these meetings, attended by both students and parents, the student’s accomplishments, academic performance/assessments, educational goals and personal aspirations are identified. In addition, these conferences allow for feedback on the potential “fit” desired in matching our students with a variety of Chicago and suburban high schools.

Brigid Cashman, High School Counselor

High School Counselor Brigid Cashman is a veteran FXW staff member who has worked within the FXW community as a teacher and administrator for over sixteen years. Since 1997, Ms. Cashman has led and designed FXW’s unique high school application program, which mirrors the FXW student-centered philosophy.

Through teaching, guidance, and other administrative responsibilities, Ms. Cashman strives to get to know each and every child in order to best counsel him or her toward a viable high school choice.

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