Extended Day Program

The Extended Day Program is designed to provide FXW students with a safe and exciting environment in which to learn, play and explore the co-curricular activities that interest them. The Extended Day begins at the end of the school day with the first session ending at 4:30pm (OSP) or 4:45pm (HNC) and the second session ending at 6:00pm (OSP) or 6:15pm (HNC). The program classes are divided by grade level and each class will have the opportunity to go to the gym, play outside and visit the library on a daily basis. The Extended Day Program teachers create weekly lesson plans and activities for the students that give the students the chance to have fun and to reinforce the curriculum that the students are learning in their classrooms during normal school hours.

Several times a year, the Extended Day Program offers specialty clubs in 6-week sessions. This is by far the favorite of the students in the Extended Day Program, because they are offered a large variety of clubs and they get to choose which ones they want to participate in. In years past, we have offered Gymnastics Club, Cooking Club, Comic Book Club, Italian Club, Science Club and Amazing Animals Club. Getting to choose their own clubs empowers the children and inspires them to discover their own passions.

Students are given a snack each day. The majority of the snacks are organic or all natural. They rotate on a daily basis and include but are not limited to: fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, fresh popcorn and granola bars. Children with food allergies are accommodated while participating in the program.

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