Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

When are applications for admission to The Frances Xavier Warde School accepted?

Applications to the Frances Xavier Warde School are accepted beginning September 1st. Applications should be submitted in the year preceding your child’s admission. Chances of admission for preschool and kindergarten are greatly reduced for applications not received by December 1st. Applications for grades 1-8 must be submitted by February 1st. Applications for grades 1-8 are reviewed as they are received, so it helps to submit applications and academic information as soon as they are available.

What are the requirements for applying to preschool?

Children must be 3 or 4 years old on or before August 31st in order to be considered for enrollment. Parents should submit an admission application between Sept. 1st and Dec. 1st the year prior to your child’s eligibility to attend preschool. All incoming preschoolers must be toilet trained before the first day of school in September.

When can I make formal application for financial aid?

Families interested in applying will be sent a scholarship application. The application is processed by FAIR (Financial Aid Independent Review, Inc.) based in Minnesota. This service analyzes the information provided and recommends the amount of funding needed by each family. Scholarships are then awarded based upon the available funds.

Is the $1000 deposit included in the total cost of tuition?

Upon acceptance, families will be asked to pay a $1,000 per student registration deposit which is considered the first tuition payment.  The remaining balance can then be divided into a monthly payment plan which runs March through December each year. 

Is there a program available for childcare supervision before and after school?

Yes, before school care is available for 30 minutes before school begins at no charge. Children may enroll in our Extended Day Program for after school care for a 90-minute or 3-hour session.

Is there transportation to and from The Frances Xavier Warde School?

While transportation is not provided to and from school, families may choose to pay for bus service between the Old St. Patrick’s and Holy Name Cathedral campuses.

Do the students at The Frances Xavier Warde School wear uniforms to school?

Children in the preschool programs do not wear uniforms. Children in Kindergarten through 8th grade wear uniforms, which can be purchased through Land’s End or the Dennis Uniform Company. When purchasing from Land’s End, be sure to use the FXW School Code 900057944.

What “special classes” do students attend in addition to academic instruction?

Art, music, physical education and Spanish language are offered to all grades. Drama is offered for preschool and 4th through 6th grades and French language is available starting in the 6th grade.

How is the religious education curriculum implemented at The Frances Xavier Warde School?

The religious education component of the curriculum in the preschool and kindergarten programs centers around developing a sense of God, self and others. In the 1st through 8th grades, the students are arranged into two groups according to their faith traditions. The Shooting Stars group is composed of students from a myriad of religious orientations and they are instructed in a values-driven curriculum. The Moonbeams group is composed of students from a traditional Catholic background who are instructed in a Catholic curriculum. Preparation of sacraments for Catholic students is sponsored by Old St. Patrick’s and Holy Name Cathedral within a family format.

What is the student to teacher ratio at The Frances Xavier Warde School?

In the preschool program, the student to teacher ratio is 10:1. In kindergarten through 2nd grade, the ratio is 12:1. In 3rd through 8th grade, the ratio is approximately 22:1.

What type of a lunch program does The Frances Xavier Warde School have?

All full day preschool through 8th grade students at The Frances Xavier Warde School have the option of bringing their own lunch to school or purchasing lunch and/or milk on a monthly basis through Quest Food Management for an additional fee. 

Do students in the preschool and kindergarten programs nap?

Yes, students in the full day preschool and kindergarten programs enjoy a short forty-five minute nap each day after lunch.

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